“Econix” for more than 25 years is one of the first among domestic enterprises engaged in development, manufacture and supply of pH meters, ionomers voltammetric analyzers oximeters COD meters, conductivity meters, analyzers, OTDRs series “Ecotest” and complex equipment laboratories.

“Econix” has wide experience complete environmental, and food analysis laboratories. Test and Measurement own series “Ecotest” well established and known to many analysts and researchers. We also can supply laboratory furniture and utensils, auxiliary laboratory equipment (distillers, scales, laboratory ovens, mixers, etc.), oil analyzers, afrometrs.

All laboratory equipment series “Ecotest” included in the State Register of measuring RF, State Register of Ukraine, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and can be used for configuration of mobile laboratories (self-powered, light, compact size, low weight and size, under conditions different from normal temperature compensation is provided ) and for long-term investigations.

“Ecotest-120” — ideal for the simultaneous analysis of up to 24 components of the solution. To do this, connect a switch.

Our company offers a series of ion-selective electrodes “ECOM” own production on a wide range of anions and cations.

Traditional methods of water analysis includes work with optical devices: Photocolorimeters and reflectometrs. Portable, microprocessor photocolorimeter ‘Ecotest-2020’ & ‘Ecotest-2040’ are essential for the analysis of natural and waste water, process fluids and samples of plant extracts and food products. These devices are new in the photometric method of analysis can be used in laboratory and field conditions.

Handheld Photometer For Algae Technologies ET2020 provides express monitoring of algae biomass concentration and can be used for measuring the accumulation of high-value pigments. Various chemical elements and compositions in water, culture fluid and soil (soil extracts) could be easily measured with using a suggested reagents kit.

Laboratory food industry, farming and hunting, we produce portable trihinelloskop PT-101, designed to control trichinosis infection slaughter products of domestic and wild animals by compression trihinelloskopy. And portable instrument for determining mastitis in cows' Ecotest-303. "

We also offer a full line of sensors of its own production for typical measurement tasks in building automation: control of temperature, humidity, lighting, indoor air quality, in ducts or outside the control of water leaks, leaks freon, water parameters in water treatment systems.
The proposed equipment includes including a full set of sensors to realize a controlled ventilation (Demand Control Ventilation = DCV = controlled ventilation on request) as a way of saving.

The program also included the supply sensors for automated climate control in confined spaces — sensors for automation project Agrosensor greenhouses. Sensors Agrosensor project can be used in different types of greenhouses from industrial to farmers, as in a closed and open ground in the automation of various processes used in growing, processing and storage of agricultural products, including control systems, flower farms , vegetable stores, mushroom farms, etc